WP_Genesis-bannerI build fast, user-friendly, SEO-ready, affordable WordPress sites.

My clients are bloggers, entrepreneurs & small businesses who need an organized internet presence that represents their business.
Once your website is built I keep it bullet proof secure with my 37 WordPress security features as well as a weekly maintenance plan/


Why use WordPress?

  1. WordPress is not only for blogs anymore. It has advanced to being the web platform for many large companies such as Time Magazine, NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, MTV and many other large companies.
  2. 22 of every 100 active domain names are using WordPress
  3. WordPress has made upgrading and updating the CMS (especially for security fixes/patches) very easy.
  4. WordPress has a great reputation for security and reliability.
  5. It is easy to administer sites with WordPress.
  6. WordPress is super fast. Blazing compared to most other CMS’s.
  7. Out of the box SEO is one of the strongest parts of WordPress.
  8. Remember that Google measures website speed . . . so having a faster website (with WordPress) will allow it to perform better.

If you are in need of a website and would like an estimate for your project, please request a proposal.


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